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About Mathis Exterminating

Since 1992, Mathis Exterminating has served thousands of clients within the greater Puget Sound area with professional, comprehensive, and environmentally sound pest control. With attentive service, quick response times, and many longtime customers to attest, the quality of our product can speak for itself.

When it comes to pest control practices, we firmly believe in quality over quantity—working smarter, not harder. We know the solution to most pest problems is not to simply spray more chemicals. Instead, we prioritize finding and remediating the core of the issue alongside regular pest treatments and applications. From organic or “green” products to the newest technologies and procedures, our pest control techniques are effective but won’t harm your family, your pets, or the environment. That’s why we implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures in helping you take control of pest infestations and annoyances.

Our 4 Levels of Control

As part of our IPM program, we implement a process involving four levels of control:

  1. Exclusion or Access Denial: We identify how pests are entering the structure and take the appropriate preventative measures.
  2. Habitat and Harborage Modification: We create undesirable living conditions for pests both indoors and out.
  3. Mechanical and Physical Control: We utilize measures of control such as traps, monitors, and/or physical removal.
  4. Limited Pesticide Use: We utilize as little pesticide as possible, resorting to it only when pest threshold levels are exceeded.

Our knowledgeable, highly trained technicians adhere to these best practices with the attitude that there isn’t a pest problem we can’t solve—because at Mathis, we do it all. Reach out to us today, or receive a free estimate below!

Mathis Levels Of Control

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