German Cockroach

How Do I Control a German Cockroach Infestation?

Of all the pests that are determined to invade your Seattle home or business, German cockroaches are some of the worst. If these tiny intruders manage to get into your home or commercial space, they can spread diseases (such salmonella and E. coli) through your food storage or, in some cases, inflict painful bites on your loved ones.

Don’t let German cockroaches set up shop in your home. With this helpful guide from Mathis Exterminating, learn how to identify signs of German cockroach activity, ways to prevent an infestation, and what to do if these pests have already invaded.

If you have any German cockroach questions or concerns, you can always contact our team of pest experts.

Identifying German Cockroaches in Your Seattle Home

German cockroaches are light-tan to brown in color with two blotchy, vertical stripes on their wing covers. Barely measuring at 5/8 inches long, it’s a cinch for these pests to scuttle their way into your home through cracks and crevices.

Due to their small size and quick speed, identifying German cockroaches without professional help can be difficult, if not impossible. If you believe you’ve found German cockroaches in your home, restaurant, or elsewhere on your property, give Mathis a call. We’ll safely and accurately identify the species pestering you.

Signs of a German Cockroach Infestation

When it comes to identifying German cockroaches, you may have better luck keeping an eye out for signs of their presence, rather than the actual pests themselves. Contact pest control experts immediately you notice any of the following tell-tale signs of German cockroaches:

  • Oily, musty odor
  • Droppings resembling ground pepper
  • Dead German cockroaches
  • Cockroach skin sheddings

In addition, cockroaches can emanate allergens found within their saliva, fecal matter, eggs, and shedded skin. As roaches crawl about your space, they leave traces of these proteins wherever they roam. The airborne allergens may then be inhaled or (at worst) ingested by humans. Thus, if you or your family are experiencing unexplained allergic reactions or asthma attacks, there could be German cockroaches living and breeding at home that you haven’t even noticed. In particular, children are at the highest risk for roach-related allergies—and the more severe the infestation, the more dangerous the allergens could become.

Tips for Preventing German Cockroaches

As pests drawn to warmth, moisture, and human food resources, German cockroaches are often found in various areas of your bathroom or kitchen, such as under sinks, in cabinets, or behind refrigerators. Depriving German cockroaches of food can be difficult, as they’ll eat just about anything, including starches, sugar, toothpaste, and even glue or soap.

Although completely protecting your home from cockroaches of any kind is nearly impossible without professional pest control, there are ways you can lower your chances of an infestation. For additional preventative measures against German cockroaches, request your free Mathis Exterminating evaluation today.

Thoroughly Clean Your Living Space

The easiest way to prevent German cockroaches is to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean. Without easily available food sources, pests of any kind are less likely to invade. Keep areas at risk of attracting German roaches clean by:

  • Consistently taking out trash
  • Wiping down food containers
  • Keep dishes clean

Properly Store Your Food

German cockroaches also won’t hesitate to tear through cardboard boxes, paper, and soft plastic to feed on your dry goods. Keep your food storage in hard, airtight containers to discourage cockroach activity.

How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches

If your Seattle living space has already been invaded by these unpleasant pests, it’s always best to bring in pest professionals. While traps or bait from the store may kill a few German cockroaches, they’re only a band-aid solution for the larger swarm lurking out of sight. Additionally, German cockroaches are more likely to bite people when their usual food sources are scarce.

Don’t risk the health and safety of your family with “do-it-yourself” cockroach solutions. For reliable pest control for roaches in Washington state, you can count on Mathis Exterminating. From preventative measures like sealing cracks and crevices to thoroughly eradicating your German cockroach infestation, we’ve got you covered.

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