Prevent Fleas

How to Keep Your Home and Pets Flea-Free

If you live in or around the Seattle metropolitan area, you know how fun the outdoors can be. From exploring Warren G. Magnuson Park with your dog to lounging in your own backyard with your feline friend, nature has plenty to offer for residents in the Evergreen State.

There’s a certain souvenir, however, that residents and pets alike often bring home after their outdoor adventures: fleas. These tiny blood-sucking pests may not pose a health risk to humans, but they can still inflict frustrating, itchy bites on you and your pets.

If you want to learn how to get rid of fleas or you’re determined to prevent them from getting in your home or on your pets, you can rely on Mathis Exterminating. Check out our flea control and prevention tips below, or contact our pest experts today.

1. Treat Your Yard for Fleas

Ridding your home or pets of fleas starts with making your yard inhospitable for them. Thanks to their incredible jumping ability, fleas often wait in long grass and untrimmed shrubs to catch a ride on you or Fido. By consistently mowing your lawn and snipping unruly branches on bushes, you can lower the number of places fleas can hide.

Additionally, prevent wild animals from invading your yard. Moles, for example, often carry fleas and ticks. If you’ve noticed signs of moles around your lawn, request a free quote to keep these digging, flea-carrying pests off your property.

2. Check Your Pets for Fleas

Whether your furry friends are full-time outdoor pets or only venture outside for potty breaks, every trip out of the house is a chance to pick up fleas. Before your pets come back inside, check them over for fleas by hand or with a flea comb.

Some common areas on your pets’ bodies where you may find fleas include:

  • Their stomachs
  • Around their legs
  • Under their armpits

Be sure to check your pets for other signs of flea problems as well, such as dried bits of flea waste, red bite marks on their skin, or if they’re constantly scratching themselves. You should also consider getting flea collars for your pets and washing your dogs with anti-flea shampoo.

3. Create a Cleaning Routine

Even if you don’t have pets, fleas could still catch a ride on you into your living space. The best way to ensure these pests can’t spread and start an infestation is to consistently clean. By tidying up often, you can kill adult fleas, larvae, or their eggs.

Practice the following anti-flea cleaning habits:

  • Vacuum your carpet.
  • Wash your clothes and bedding in hot water.
  • Steam clean upholstery, pet beds, and other large, fabric-covered items.

Still finding bites on yourself or your loved ones, despite consistently cleaning for fleas? Contact Mathis Exterminating; we can inspect your space for fleas and provide you with a free quote for flea control solutions.

4. Flea-Proof Your Home

The best way to get rid of a flea infestation is to keep one from even happening. No matter if you have pets or you just enjoy exploring the great outdoors of Washington, flea problems can happen to anyone. Do-it-yourself flea solutions, such as baking soda or dish soap, may help your problem, but they won’t eliminate it.

When you discover fleas in your living space, bring in pest control specialists immediately to get rid of these bouncing bloodsuckers. Since 1992, Mathis has helped our friends and neighbors throughout Puget Sound prevent fleas from invading their yards and homes. Give us a call and see how we can help you, too!

Environmentally-Friendly Flea Control from Mathis Exterminating

As pest experts in the greater Puget Sound region for 30 years, Mathis Exterminating knows how frustrating it is to deal with fleas. We also know how crucial it is to eliminate and prevent fleas and other pests while still protecting the environment. That’s why we’ve designed our effective residential or commercial pest control solutions to give you the peace of mind you deserve without harming your indoor or outdoor environment.

From using environmentally-friendly flea treatments to monitoring pest activity and making your home and yard uninhabitable for fleas, it’s our goal to prevent pests from invading. For flea-free living in Washington, request your free flea control quote today!