Black Widow

Poisonous Spiders in Washington: 3 Types You Need to Know

Washington State is home to plenty of insects. As anyone who has ever traveled or lived here knows, there are plenty of trees, bushes, shrubs, and lots of flowers. Of course, those tend to attract bugs – especially during the summer months when it is warmer outside. With copious insects around the region, spiders are quite happy to set up a web and wait for those tasty treats. Unfortunately, this also means that there are poisonous spiders in Washington.

In particular, there are three species of poisonous spiders in Washington that you need to know.

Poisonous Spiders in Washington: Yes, We Have Black Widows

Typically associated with hotter climates, many people (especially those new to the region) are surprised to learn that black widows exist in Washington State. They are mostly in eastern Washington, but you can find a few of them on the western side too.

Black widows are famous for being venomous and for good reasons. Their bite is unpleasant at best and lethal at absolute worst. While these spider bites may not have a substantial death rate, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a health hazard. If a black widow bites you and injects you with venom, you’re looking at “severe pain, muscle cramping, abdominal pain, and back pain.”

Black widows tend to love hot, dry, dark places, near ground level. You’ll find them in firewood, basements, and in areas with clutter.

Yellow Sac Spider

Another one of the poisonous spiders in Washington, the yellow sac spider is also in eastern Washington, but you will also find them in the Seattle area. These spiders don’t live in webs. Instead, they build small silk sacs in which they hide during the day.

These spiders live around gardens, woodpiles, and other places outside where they can hide. Then, when the weather cools off in the fall, these spiders make their way indoors, and that’s when you might see one dangling from the ceiling one day.

A yellow sac spider’s bite is not lethal (unless you have some severe allergy to this particular species). However, it is painful. The sore that develops will be ulcerative. It will typically take a few days or even a week to heal. So, while you will almost certainly live through the experience, it’s not one that you want!

Last, but Not Least of the Poisonous Spiders in Washington: Hobo Spider

The hobo spider is the most common poisonous one in Washington, as one can find it throughout the state. Fortunately, it’s also of the least concern in terms of bites or pain.

Hobo spiders are reluctant biters and usually try and escape. If you do receive a bite, you’ll typically have pain and maybe some swelling, but it won’t be as severe as a black widow or a yellow sac spider.

However, it is still poisonous, so it’s worth mentioning, given how common it is. And, of course, if you happen to have an allergy to this spider’s venom, then you may need to seek immediate medical attention!

Your Best Prevention Against Bites Is to Remove the Spiders

Removing the spiders is your best prevention against bites. While it’s unlikely that bites from any of these spiders would result in death, they’re also not something you want to experience. A black widow’s venom, in particular, can impact you in other ways, even if you do survive it.

As such, if you see any spiders around your home, your best bet is to have them professionally eliminated. With the right pest control solutions, you can ensure that your family remains free of unwanted pests, so neither you nor your loved ones have to experience the pain and anxiety resulting from a spider bite!