Roof Rat

Here’s How to Keep Roof Rat Populations at Bay This Fall

With fall arrives cooler weather, brightly colored leaves, and festivals. Unfortunately, fall also brings along roof rats in search of a place to call home for the winter. From garages and attics to sheds and other outbuildings, roof rats can quickly turn your property into a disaster zone for parasites and health hazards.

Don’t let roof rats roam around your home or business this fall—take the steps to prevent them from even reaching your front door with tips from Mathis Exterminating, your Seattle pest control expert. Concerned that roof rats might have already invaded? Contact our experts today.

How to Identify Roof Rats

Once fall weather sets in, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for roof rats or signs of their activity near your property. These unpleasant rodents are typically gray-black to brown in color with white or black underbellies. Not including their tails, they are 6 to 8 inches long as well as excellent climbers.

Ways to Prevent Roof Rats in Seattle

Roof rats carry parasites, such as fleas, which they can spread around your property. They can also pose health concerns with their urine and feces or by infesting food. Whether you suspect a roof rat is gnawing its way into your house or you’ve caught one scurrying in your tree or across your roof, these prevention tips can help you safeguard your Seattle home from a roof rat invasion this fall.

Look for Potential Entry Points

The key to keeping away roof rats is eliminating any holes, cracks, or gaps they may use to get into your property. They can squeeze through openings as small as half an inch in diameter, making poorly-fitted windows, vents, and screens, easy targets for these unwanted pests. Additionally, unsealed roofs or large cracks in walls can provide entry for roof rats.

Be sure to prep your home in the following ways to stop roof rats this fall:

  • Ensure that windows, vents, etc. are properly installed.
  • Seal cracks and holes in walls and windowsills.
  • Install mesh in vents.

Trim Tree Branches and Clean Your Yard

True to their names, roof rats often invade via roofs. These strong climbers depend on overgrown tree limbs, shrubs, and other plants that hang over buildings. As the fall and winter months approach in Seattle, be sure to trim branches that might be hanging over your home, shed, or garage.

By eliminating overhanging plant life, you’ll make it more difficult for roof rats to infest your space. Also, clean up fallen fruit, leaves, or other edible plant life around your yard, as they could draw hungry roof rats to your property. Remember to fix leaking sprinklers and cover rain barrels, too, as roof rats may use them as water sources. The less desirable your yard is to roof rats, the less likely they’ll find their way into your home.

Consistently Clean Your Seattle Space

If they manage to invade, roof rats are notorious for feeding on stored food and any crumbs they find in your kitchen. In addition, they may take advantage of cluttered attics or garages to build their nests and give birth to their young.

Ways to keep your property clean and roof rat-free include:

  • Sweeping your kitchen
  • Wiping down your stove and fridge
  • Storing food in hard plastic, airtight containers
  • Cleaning out clutter from your attic or garage

Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Roof Rats

Due to their small size and late-night or early-morning activity, there’s always a chance that roof rats invade without you realizing it. Be diligent in looking for signs of a rodent infestation around your home—such as scratching noises in your walls, urine or droppings in your attic, or torn-up insulation being used as nesting material.

Bring in the Experts from Mathis Exterminating

While these tips can help you prepare your Seattle home for the threat of roof rats, there’s only one way to completely protect your property this fall: pest control services from the professionals at Mathis Exterminating. Our dedicated technicians have the tools, experience, and knowledge to completely eliminate roof rat infestations and prevent future ones.

With our Integrated Pest Management procedures and environmentally-friendly pest solutions, our mission since 1992 has been to offer peace of mind to Washington residents and business owners. Trust our effective residential and commercial pest control solutions for rodents; request your free quote today!