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Seattle Rodent Control Tips

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Of all the pests that can infest your home, rats are easily the worst of all. Rats and mice alike spread all manner of disease, eating and contaminating your food and leaving dropping all over countertop, shelves, and floors. These rodents can also chew through cables in the attic and walls, causing house fires. Between the disease and the danger, rodents are by far the worst pests to have in the home.

If you’re dealing with rodents, or would like to take action to prevent getting them, here’s our list of recommendations that will help you and your family stay safe and healthy this year.

Cleanliness is Crucial

When it comes to rodent prevention and removal, thoroughly cleaning the home is the first place to start. Rodents typically only enter the home for one of two reasons, their looking for food, or their looking for shelter. If it’s food they’re looking for, it is likely that you have some food in the pantry or another room that is attracting them. 

Our suggestion is to buy sealable, reusable containers for your food. These containers will help prevent the rodents from chewing through the cardboard box that the food was in, as well as prevent the fumes the food produces from escaping the container. The container will also prevent fecal matter from contaminating your food. We suggest using these for cereal, oats, sugar, and any other products that mice could be drawn to.

If the rodents are seeking shelter, you may consider some simple home installations.

Grates and Window Screens

During the winter months, rodents often seek shelter in attics or crawl spaces. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is by sealing off all entrances. We suggest taking a metal mesh and covering any attic vents, crawl space vents, or any other openings, preventing the rodents from getting in. We suggest metal mesh because rodents will chew through anything less.

Another thing to consider is your windows. It is unlikely that rodents are getting in through windows, but be sure to check all the screens for holes or damage, as rodents could easily slip in if you leave the window open. We also suggest re-caulking your windows if necessary. This will help prevent any fumes from leaking out of the house and enticing some unwanted guests.


While primitive, some simple glue boards and snap traps can do a great job of getting rid of and preventing rodents. We suggest, whether you have rodent problems or not, to place a few glue boards or traps in strategic places throughout the home, including under the kitchen sink and along walls in the crawl space and attic. Always keep in mind who has access to traps, as we don’t want any little kids getting their finger pinched!

If you take these precautions you are very unlikely to have any problems with rats. However, if you have an existing problem and can’t seem to get rid of them, it may be time to call a professional. If you’re looking for the best rodent pest control in Seattle, look no further than Mathis Exterminating. We’re here to help! Give us a call today!