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Fleas Found In Washington State

What Do Fleas Look Like?

The hard, polished body of a flea can appear to be dark brown and red in color. Covered with tiny hairs and spines, a flea’s body is flattened on the sides. This allows it to easily maneuver through the hair on a host’s body. Fleas also have powerful legs that enable them to jump higher than 7 inches and sometimes a distance of 14 inches to the side. As you likely know, fleas are tiny, making them difficult to detect initially. They usually grow to be about 1/6 of an inch in length.

Where Can I Find Fleas?

The vast majority of fleas—more than 95 percent—live and feed off of mammals. Fleas live in a variety of habitats, including host bodies, general surroundings, and burrows and nests. Few species are free-living, although some have been found in warm coastal areas that can survive without a host. Flea larvae, however, are free-living. Once they become adults, most fleas live and feed on humans and pets, moving back and forth between their hosts and floors, paths, and animal and human beds.

How Do Fleas Behave?

Fleas must remain on the bodies of hosts in order to feed on their blood. While a flea’s host sleeps, it will eat and lay eggs, which means the most likely area for flea infestation in the home is a bedroom or other sleeping area. Recent studies suggest that fleas enter residential properties when household pets interact with urban wildlife such as opossums and raccoons. As pets are allowed indoors, fleas are transported onto humans or their belongings. In addition, fleas are carriers of many diseases including, perhaps most famously, the bubonic plague.

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