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Sowbugs and Pillbugs

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Sowbugs & Pillbugs Found In Washington State

What Do Sowbugs and Pillbugs Look Like?

The woodlouse, commonly referred to as a sowbug or a pillbug, is a segmented crustacean with a flat body and seven pairs of jointed legs. Its shell-like exoskeleton sheds as it grows. They are often called pillbugs or roly-polys because of how they roll up into a ball.

Where Can I Find Sowbugs and Pillbugs?

Woodlice are typically found in terrestrial environments, but they need constant moisture due to rapid water loss through their cuticle and via excretion. They may usually be found in damp, dark conditions and crevices. Look for them under rocks and logs, for example.

How Do Sowbugs and Pillbugs Behave?

Sowbugs and pillbugs are actually very beneficial in gardens because of their role in pest control. They produce compost and overturn the soil. However, they have been known to eat ripening strawberries and tender seedlings of other cultivated plants. When woodlice invade homes, it is usually in search of moisture. The presence of pillbugs can be a sign of dampness in your home and should probably be investigated to ensure there isn’t a risk of water damage or other structural problems. They are not a serious household pest, though; woodlice neither spread disease nor cause damage to sound wooden structures.

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