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Ticks Found In Washington State

What Do Ticks Look Like?

If you’ve ever thought that ticks look sort of like tiny spiders, you’re onto something: Ticks are actually arachnids alongside spiders. Adult ticks have eight legs with no antennae. They are usually gray or brown and feature a large abdomen that swells as they consume blood. Ticks are either “hard,” with a head that appears as a separate segment from their bodies and a plate of armor visible on their backs, or “soft,” with a head and mouthparts that are hidden beneath their bodies and a lack of abdominal armor.

Where Can I Find Ticks?

Ticks live in wooded outdoor areas where they can easily feed on squirrels, deer, rabbits, and other creatures (like humans). They climb onto grass or leaves in hopes of hitching a ride on passing animals, jumping onto them when they come close enough. Ticks do not make their way indoors unless carried there by humans, pets, or other rogue animals like rats or mice.

How Do Ticks Behave?

Ticks are parasites, meaning they can only survive by depending on the involuntary contributions of other creatures. They burrow their heads into the skin of their hosts to consume their blood; ticks then swell as they consume more and more blood, detaching once they have enough. Ticks sometimes go for weeks without feeding. They prefer to be in warm, humid areas that are most helpful to their metamorphoses and reproductive processes.

How Dangerous Are Ticks?

Ticks may be small, but they pose a serious risk for diseases. They can transmit bacteria, viruses, and even other parasites that they have acquired from other hosts. Different ticks transmit different diseases, so geographic variance in tick-transmitted diseases is large. The most common disease transmitted by ticks is Lyme disease, in addition to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, and tularemia.

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