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Located on a peninsula near the entrance of Puget Sound, Port Townsend, WA, is a quaint city that overlooks the water. With unique attractions including Point Wilson Lighthouse, the Puget Sound Coast Artillery Museum, and the Port Townsend Vineyards, Port Townsend is a wonderful home to its nearly 10,000 residents. Unique to Port Townsend is its dry microclimate due to its position in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains. 

Even though Port Townsend is relatively drier than the rest of the Puget Sound area, many pests still thrive in this Washington community. From roaches and ants to moles and rodents, pests of all types don’t hesitate to invade and wreak havoc in local homes and businesses. Luckily, Mathis Exterminating provides the Port Townsend pest control services you need. Our environmentally-friendly techniques are equally effective for residential and commercial pest control.

Port Townsend Pest Elimination Services

There are all kinds of pests in Port Townsend, WA—whether they crawl, fly, or scratch. Our professional pest control technicians at Mathis have experience dealing with all the common Washington pests, including but not limited to:

Custom Pest Management Plans Created for You

Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or homeowner, every pest problem has its own unique challenges and ideal solutions. At Mathis Exterminating, we customize each and every pest control program for your specific needs, be they exclusion, habitat modification, or pesticide usage. 

With so many potential pests waiting to infiltrate your space, the best course of action is to take steps to prevent them from entering in the first place. Thanks to our quarterly service packages, we make it easy to do so. We’ll treat the exterior of your home and perform inspections to help ensure your property keeps pests sealed out.

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Pests can quickly turn a smile into a frown, and some even cause property damage or pose health risks to you and your family or staff. And, despite your best efforts, pests can often make their way into your domain no matter how diligent or thorough you are in trying to stop them. Don’t sweat it, though: The experts at Mathis Exterminating can help. We’ve got the experience, the know-how, and the technology to rid you of those pesky pests. Call us or request your free estimate using the form below!

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