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Residential Pest Control in Seattle

When unwelcome pests make your home their home, call on the local pest control experts at Mathis to keep them at bay.

It’s not enough to choose a pest control company that will settle for merely “good enough.” Your home is no little investment, so band-aids and quick fixes offer neither a reliable solution nor peace of mind.

Mathis Exterminating is your one-stop-shop for residential pest control needs in Seattle and surrounding areas—from sealing entry points to ensuring proper insulation to treating the pest itself. Our integrated pest management (IPM) approach implements four levels of control that won’t harm your family, your pets, or the environment. Plus, we offer three convenient quarterly plans to help shield you from pests year-round.

Offering Pest Control Services & Quarterly Pest Plans

Pest Protection and Treatment for Your Home

Pests of all kinds will come to find that a Mathis-protected household is not very hospitable to them. We strive to ensure that you can find comfort in all your living spaces, inside and out. Luckily, our trained technicians always treat your home with the same sanctity as if it were their own.

Using environmentally responsible pest control materials and methods, we take all necessary precautions when treating in and around your home. Beginning with the exterior of your property (where most problems with pests and rodents initially manifest), we not only form a barrier between pests and your home; we maintain it. If an infestation exists indoors, we then take the time to carefully inspect the area and determine the best way to proceed with an innovative yet conservative treatment method.

Green Pest Control in Seattle

At Mathis, we value the well-being of the environment along with the people in it. The comfort and protection of your family is our priority. That’s exactly why we use “green,” non-hazardous pest control products that are thoroughly researched to ensure effectiveness.

With extensive experience, we take every measure to employ low-toxicity products around your home or property. Mathis Exterminating uses premium, environment-friendly products like baits and gels with low odor residuals for pest prevention and control. Our approach is guaranteed to be one of the most effective methods of pest control.

Residential Bed Bug Extermination

Mathis Exterminating is one of only two companies in the state of Washington that is Bed Bug-Free certified by Bed Bug Central—the foremost authority of bed bugs, treatments, and prevention.

Bed bug treatments from Mathis are unique, as these tiny biting insects are one of the most difficult to treat and prevent once an infestation is underway. Over the years, these pests have grown immune to various insecticides used against them. However, Mathis develops cutting-edge treatments after extensive testing and research. These results are used to create a custom bed bug control program that is tailored to your needs and will be effective even against the most stubborn bed bugs.

The moment you suspect a bed bug problem, contact us so we can examine your residence. Our experts will identify a bed bug infestation and treat it accordingly.

Residential Bedbug Extermination

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