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Protect Your Home and Business From Earwigs.

Earwigs Found In Washington State

What Do Earwigs Look Like?

Earwigs are small, dark-colored insects with long antennae. They are known for their cerci, forceps-like pincers on their abdomen. Earwigs also have membranous wings that are folded beneath a set of forewings, as well as a flattened form that allows them to fit into tight areas such as under the bark of a rotting log (or cracks and crevices around your home).

Where Can I Find Earwigs?

Earwigs are mostly scavengers and are omnivorous, feeding on plants and other insects. They may be found in your home near sinks, bathrooms, and other moist areas during the summer months but are most commonly found around shady, dark cracks or openings.

How Do Earwigs Behave?

Earwigs, despite their name, do not actually burrow into people’s ears. Instead, these mostly nocturnal insects hide in small crevices where they can thrive in a moist environment. Active at night, earwigs feed on a wide variety of plants and insects.

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