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Stink Bugs Found In Washington State

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

Stink bugs are usually a shade of brown but can have gray, off-white, black, copper, and bluish markings of alternating light and dark bands. Their legs are brown with white mottling or banding. They are about 2/3 of an inch long and wide and possess functional wings for flying. You can easily identify stink bugs from their distinctive shield shape.

Where Can I Find Stink Bugs?

Outdoors, stink bugs are notorious for destroying crops and garden plants, as this is a big part of their diet. You aren’t likely to find them indoors in the hotter months of the year. Rather, stink bugs are overwintering insects likely to invade homes in the fall and winter as temperatures drop. They are attracted to light and heat and therefore often fly around light fixtures or windows where they can be warmed.

How Do Stink Bugs Behave?

Stink bugs were named after their stink glands that emit an unpleasant odor designed to keep away birds and lizards. They only release the odor if they feel threatened, and they otherwise do not sting or have venom that can harm humans. Stink bugs hibernate during the winter, but that process can be interrupted if they come inside homes, where the light and heat may make them become active. Keep an eye out for multiple dead stink bugs, as this could indicate an infestation.

Stink Bug Control

Control of stink bugs is a priority of the Department of Agriculture which has developed an artificial pheromone which can be used to bait traps, Because the bugs insert their proboscis below the surface of fruit, and then feed, some insecticides are ineffective; in addition, the bugs are mobile, and a new population may fly in after the resident population has been killed. In the case of soybean infestations research shows that spraying only the perimeter of a field may be effective. As of 2012, native predators such as wasps and birds were showing increased signs of feeding on the bugs as they adapt to the new food source.

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